We Need a DUI Test for Marijuana

Cheyllyn Ranae Collinsworth, an 18-year-old Washington state resident, died in May following a car crash. The person responsible was driving under the influence of marijuana and has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. In states where marijuana is legal, car collisions are up 3%, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Although marijuana impairs driving ability, police knew the driver in Washington had been using the drug only because he confessed. Read the rest at Wall Street Journal

Portland’s Congressman Loves Pot, Hates Science

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Ahh, Portland: The city that shakes its fist in defiance at the 21st Century by stubbornly refusing to fluoridate its water supply and believing that wi-fi is killing its children. Given that Portland’s citizens have a troubled relationship with reality, it perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise that the city’s congressman does, too. Continue reading

Hair Test for Marijuana Proves Nothing

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There are few things that pot enthusiasts dread more than the unannounced drug test. A positive test for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, can result in the loss of a job or child custody. But new research by a team of German scientists suggests that detecting THC in a hair sample doesn’t prove cannabis consumption. Continue reading

A Genetic Link Between Schizophrenia & Pot?

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It is known that there is a link between schizophrenia and smoking marijuana. However, much to the chagrin of researchers, it is not ethical to randomly assign people to smoke pot to determine if they develop schizophrenia at some point. As a result, it remains unknown if smoking pot causes schizophrenia, if schizophrenics are more likely to smoke pot, or if some unknown third variable links the two. Continue reading

Dear Potheads, Stop Poisoning Your Pets

This article was originally posted on RealClearScience.

Prior to the election last November, our assistant editor Ross Pomeroy reminded voters, before they pulled the lever to legalize marijuana, to consider the negative effects that pot has on animals. Many people did not listen to his advice. A recent article in USA Today reports that incidents of dogs suffering from marijuana toxicosis in Colorado are on the rise. Continue reading

Obama Must Take Hit for Pot Talk

The apparent heroin overdose death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who first used drugs decades ago, is a reminder of just how difficult it is to get a handle on drug abuse and the youth culture that enables it. One reason for the surge in heroin use over the past five years is a crackdown on the abuse of prescription opiate painkillers. Addicts might simply be substituting one drug for a related one. Read the rest at USA Today.