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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. But such measures can’t last forever, which is why mitigation is the only option. Read the rest at Geopolitical Futures.

What’s the case-fatality rate?

Currently, the official rate is 3.4%. But this is likely way too high. China was hit particularly hard, and their healthcare system was overwhelmed. The best data we have is from South Korea. The Koreans tested 210,000 people and detected the virus in 7,478 patients. So far, the death toll is 53, which is a case-fatality rate of 0.7%. This is seven times worse than the seasonal flu (which has a case-fatality rate of 0.1%).

Read the rest at Leaps Magazine.

The first person to die from coronavirus on American soil passed away on Feb. 29 at a Seattle area hospital – incidentally, the same hospital where my daughter was born just ten and a half months ago. Read the rest at Geopolitical Futures.

When I was in elementary school, I was part of a gifted program. (I can hear my critics laughing — but, indeed, it’s true.) From second to fifth grade, gifted students were kept together and placed with teachers who implemented a unique curriculum. Read the rest at Puget Sound Business Journal.