Science Left Behind

As pundits and political writers never miss a chance to remind us, evolution, stem cells, and climate change comprise the trifecta of conservative sins against science. Yet progressives have pet fallacies of their own. Aversion to nuclear power, animal research, and vaccines come naturally to many progressives, supported by little more than junk science and wishful thinking.

Now for the first time, science writers Alex B. Berezow and Hank Campbell have drawn back the curtain on the left’s fear of science. As Science Left Behind reveals, vague inclinations about the wholesomeness of all things natural, the unhealthiness of the unnatural, and many other seductive fallacies have led to an epidemic of misinformation. The results: public health crises, damaging and misguided policies, and worst of all, a new culture war over basic scientific facts—in which the left is just as culpable as the right.

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