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Has America Really Underinvested in Science Education?
July 26, 2012

On Global Public Square last month, Fareed Zakaria made the case that the U.S. economy is struggling in part due to poor investment in science. He based this conclusion on two claims: First, that federal research and development (R&D) investment has declined over the past several years and, second, that American students have fallen behind in science education.


The Other E. coli Threat? Raw Milk
June 10, 2011

The strain of E. coli that has killed at least 25 people and sickened more than 2,600 others in Europe is a terrifying reminder that killer microbes lurk in places where we least expect them. Though it is not a reason to panic, this incident should force us to rethink some important food safety issues.

One good place to start would be to completely ban the sale of raw milk and juice.


We’re a Nation of Germophobes
March 2, 2011

A recent CNN article examining hotel room hygiene revealed some uncomfortable truths. From bacteria and dead skin cells infesting the mattress to improper cleaning practices, it was enough to make anybody think twice about getting too comfortable in a hotel. However, such concerns are often overblown and, in some cases, unhealthy.

Part of the problem is that scientists and the media often fail to distinguish “germs” from “bacteria” properly.


Vaccine-Autism Researcher Should Be Prosecuted
January 14th, 2011

Finally, after 13 years of needless controversy, the British Medical Journal determined that Andrew Wakefield’s vaccine-autism link constituted an “elaborate fraud.”

Having already lost his medical license in the UK for unethical professional conduct, it is now time for him to be prosecuted.