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  • Closed Borders Will Not Keep Out More Infectious Forms of COVID

    Border closing efforts serve as a distractions. We need to focus on known methods of disease control — vaccination, masks and social distancing. Read the rest at USA Today.

  • The Geopolitics of Vaccine Distribution

    Inoculations are a welcome development, but the public should temper its excitement. Read the rest at Geopolitical Futures.

  • The Trouble With a Premature Vaccine

    Hope is beginning to fade that the world will have a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine before the predicted “second wave” arrives that will further suppress economic activity and recovery. Despite an unprecedented global effort, a deliverable vaccine might still be months away. Almost certainly it won’t be ready by October as many hoped. Dr.…

  • Vaccine Nationalism Is an Exaggerated Threat

    Nationalism is all the rage these days. Following decades of globalization, the pendulum has begun to swing back the other direction, triggering fears that nationalist policies will lead to a breakdown in international cooperation and a destabilization of the world order. This, in turn, has led to much hand-wringing over “vaccine nationalism,” the notion that…