Why We Flaunt Our Sexy Partners

This article was originally posted on RealClearScience.

Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that women are attracted to men who are already in a relationship. Psychologist Valerie Golden believes this is a real phenomenon, citing research which showed that women were far more interested in a man if they thought he was taken rather than single.

flaunting.jpgThe prevailing explanation for this is that women trust the decisions made by other women. A woman may subconsciously say to herself, “If he’s good enough for her, then he’s good enough for me.” If she then acts on this adulterous impulse, she is officially a “mate poacher.”

Men, it seems, are well aware of how women think on this matter. If women are drawn to men who are in relationships, then maybe men will choose to flaunt their partners, particularly if they are attractive. Indeed, new research shows exactly that: Men (and women) like to flaunt their sexy partners to their peers. Continue reading