Oenology: Air defences

WINE, any connoisseur will tell you, is a living thing. And as with other organisms, for it, too, oxygen is a mixed blessing. The element breathes life, but it—or strictly speaking reactive oxygen species (ROS), the byproducts of the process through which cells extract energy from nutrients—can be toxic. Oxygen plays a role in red wines’ normal ageing process. However, through ROS, it can lay waste whites. Read the rest at The Economist.

Why Good Wine Tastes Like Buttery Popcorn

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My wife and I regularly travel to Eastern Europe. Last time we were there, we went to Bonyhad, Hungary, a small town about two hours outside of Budapest. The nominal purpose of our trip was to visit her aunt and uncle; in reality, there was a winery nearby that my father-in-law was dying to show me, which was perfect, because as it so happened, we were running low on booze. Continue reading