Founding Editor Alex Berezow Says Farewell

RealClearScience was launched in October 2010. The RealClear family, headed by founders John McIntyre and Tom Bevan, took a gamble and hired me, a freshly minted PhD in microbiology, to take the helm of a new science journalism website. I owe the beginning of my professional career to them, and I am happy to report that I believe their gamble paid off.

In the nearly six years that I have been here, the site has received 16 million visitors representing 238 nations and territories. We even had one visitor each from Tuvalu, Christmas Island, and North Korea. We aren’t sure who the North Korean was, but we have our suspicions.

But far more important than traffic are my colleagues. I have been blessed with two of the most talented, witty, and personable writers I know, Ross Pomeroy and Tom Hartsfield. This site would never have been successful without them. Additionally, I had the honor of working alongside some of the sharpest minds in foreign policy at RealClearWorld: Kevin Sullivan, Greg Scoblete, Joel Weickgenant, and Sam Chi. Jeremy Lott, the former founding editor of RealClearReligion (which was launched on the same day as RealClearScience), has become a good friend.

Amazingly, though the three of us at RealClearScience subscribe to different political ideologies, I cannot think of a single scientific issue upon which we disagreed. That’s because we valued data and scientific analysis above political ideology. We hope that we successfully conveyed this to you, our readers, because it is the value upon which we built and operated RealClearScience.

Because of our insistence on speaking the truth (as best we understood it), we occasionally rubbed people the wrong way – like that time we insulted the City of Portland. In the process, we hope that we helped you learn and made you think and occasionally laugh.

To those of you who are interested in following my next steps, I have taken a position at theAmerican Council on Science and Health as the Senior Fellow of Biomedical Science. I will continue to ply my trade as a journalist and writer, delivering the soundest science news to the best of my ability.

Best wishes to all of you.

Alex Berezow, PhD
Founding Editor, RealClearScience